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In an area full of landmarks and tourist attractions such as

In an area full of landmarks and tourist attractions such as

After the establishment of this museum in 1937, in a short period, it became the most famous art gallery in the world, as it includes a very large number of diverse artworks, amounting to more than 141,000 artworks, including



paintings, statues, antiques, photographs and other distinguished international artworks by famous artists such as Leonardo, In addition, if you are an art lover, you can attend seminars, discussions and workshops that are held every short time.

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National Air and Space Museum

In an area full of landmarks and tourist attractions such as the White House, Congress and the memorial, the National Aviation Museum is located, which is one of the most important and most popular places in Washington and one of the most luxurious museums in Washington, where there are many vehicles and aircraft and contains a center for research in technical sciences, in addition to geology and science Planets are therefore visited by millions each year.



The museum building is an interesting architectural masterpiece and has a very large area. You can spend a whole day there to know the history of aviation since its inception, so it is an important attraction for tourists from all over the world, and there are many restaurants and cafes scattered around the area.

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The Bible Museum
Bible artifacts

This museum is one of the holy places in Washington, it was newly established in 2012, and although it is the newest museum in Washington, it has become an important attraction and tourist attraction for everyone who comes to Washington, and it contains hundreds of biblical artifacts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as there Interactive exhibits.



The museum is located near the US Capitol Building and consists of six floors, and helps everyone discover the Bible and learn information about it that you may know for the first time, such as the history of the Bible and the journey of the Holy Family from its beginning to its end.

You can also watch documentaries about the history of espionage and agents and what they used in espionage operations, in addition to many books that tell stories of espionage.

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National Portrait Gallery
National Portrait Museum

The activity of this museum is different from the rest of the museums that I have seen before, as it is distinguished from the rest of the Washington museums, where artworks depict all the influential figures in American history that recount the history of America through the portrait of each character.

You will discover that this museum is the only place that displays portraits of American presidents outside the White House, and so you will find that the exhibition has many visitors even though the museum’s activity is unique in its kind.


Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Washington Museums

Visiting Washington museums is a great opportunity for you to know and see the history and secrets of America, as well as the cultural development since the country’s inception and how some African citizens came and settled. You can also enjoy art museums that satiate your artistic desire. Transportation, aviation, spacecraft, and finally, you can learn about the history of America through the pictures of the personalities that influenced the American countries, and all of this makes tourism in Washington a great and very useful trip.

The tourism trip in America is the big dream of millions of people

The tourism trip in America is the big dream of millions of people



because America contains a great civilization that dazzles the eyes of everyone who sees it or hears new news about this civilization. Therefore, millions travel every year to America, especially Washington, DC, to see and enjoy the civilization of America, and of course, the first thing that initiates To your mind is to know the origins and history of that civilization, so we advise you to visit the Washington Museums to learn part of the history and secrets of the country, as well as the movement of arts and culture in which the country lived in ancient and modern times.

Washington’s best museums


When you want to learn about the history, civilization and customs of any country, museums will be the most important and best way to get to know that because of the treasures and secrets they contain that you will only find in museums.
Smithsonian Museum

This museum is one of the best science museums in Washington, especially natural history. This museum contains 125 million specimens of plants in the world. It also contains a collection of rocks, meteorites and cultural relics of the country. It also has many of the most popular artifacts and many natural attractions.


This museum was established in 1910 and the design of this building is of great style, and this museum includes many reference collections such as the national grass, and upon entering the museum you will find sections such as the Dinosaur Hall, the Geology and Minerals Hall, the Mammals Hall and other sections that impress everyone, especially children, and of course Scholars who have studied scientific and cultural history around the world.

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National Gallery of Art
National Gallery of Art Museum

When you visit the National Mall, you will need a lot of time to visit the National Gallery Museum and its attached sculpture garden inside the park, and so you will find that you are in the place preferred by art enthusiasts because of its excitement and distinction, and you cannot be in Washington without visiting this place.