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Tourism in Liverpool

Tourism in Liverpool

Tourism in Liverpool

The city of Liverpool is one of the world-famous cities. It is the cultural capital of Europe. It is also one of the most important industrial and commercial cities in England. It was built after the city of London, which is one of the oldest cities in England, and one of the most facilities that gave it world fame is the University of Liverpool and Liverpool Football Club, and one of the most important Its attractions:




1- Liverpool Museum

The museum is considered one of the most famous museums in Liverpool, despite its recent establishment. It was opened to visitors in 2011. The most important characteristic of the splendor of its interior and exterior design For culture, fashion and the most important archaeological buildings in the city

The museum also allows to attend concerts, cultural performances and plays presented by famous artists in the city. The museum also offers presentations on archeology and history for children in an interesting scientific way.



2- The World Museum

The museum was established in 1851 AD and initially consisted of two rooms and a library, but with the increasing popularity of the museum, the land of the new building was donated by the local representative and merchant William Brown, which is located on William Brown Street. It is home to a planetarium that offers various shows about the solar system, planets, space exploration, and shows for children

The museum also includes a section on antiquities and Egyptology, which contains 15,000 objects from Egypt and Sudan, and there are more than 5,000 Egyptian artifacts donated to the museum. It also unites a group of exhibits for the natural world of plants, animals and insects.



3- Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is located in the south of the city and is located at the top of Mount St. James. It is the largest Anglican cathedral in the world and the largest cathedral in England. The architecture and architecture of the cathedral were designed in the Gothic style. Psychological control of the place

There are also many golden carvings and statues inside, topped by a large bell consisting of five bells together. The cathedral offers its visitors documentaries translated in several languages ​​about the history of its establishment and the difficult circumstances it went through, and there are places to serve meals and drinks.



4- Liverpool giant wheel

The Liverpool Wheel is located on the waterfront of the city, and it is also called the Echo Liverpool Wheel because of its proximity to the Echo Arena, and one of the most important features of it is to watch it from anywhere inside the city.

One capsule accommodates eight people with attention to safety and chairs inside the capsule. The wheel has received a huge turnout from its pioneers from the first day, where its passengers can view the entire city from above and see its most important landmarks. There are many restaurants and cafeterias next to the wheel to eat the most delicious meals and drink the best drinks.



5- Liverpool Central Library

The library is located in the center of Liverpool, on William Brown Street, and is considered one of the twenty-two largest libraries in Britain. The library has undergone many developments in 2013, making it one of the most important great libraries in England and the world

Inside it, it is possible to tour and learn about the history of its establishment, the development processes that have taken place and the accessories that have joined it, such as the large glass dome and modern stairs. The library also provides a free internet network and its visitors are given free copies of the books they prefer.



6- Sefton Liverpool Park

The park is located in the Sefton neighborhood, which the park was named after. The park includes many tennis courts, bowling courts, and playgrounds to host the local football league. It also has large areas for walking and jogging. The park also includes beautiful flowers and huge perennial trees that help calm and bring peace and relaxation. for its visitors

There is also a circus in the park that presents acrobatic performances, trained animal shows and clown shows. The park also cares for children, providing them with a range of safe games and small swings. There is also a large hall in the park where many cultural and musical concerts and art exhibitions are held.