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Brighton Victorian Quay

Brighton Victorian Quay

Brighton Pier is called the Palace Pier and it was called this nickname until 2000 AD, but then its name was changed to Brighton Pier in relation to the city in which it is located, and it was opened in 1899 AD. Sit on the sand and enjoy the fresh air



There are also many activities suitable for children, such as playing in the sand, visiting amusement parks and games on the pier that are suitable for young and old. Fish lovers can also practice fishing from the top of the pier or rent a yacht to go on a cruise on the pier and around the city. You can also go to one of the restaurants that serve seafood. And a delicious cup of coffee.



Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is an industrial marina that was built between 1971 and 1979 and covers an area of ​​127 acres. Development operations in the marina are still continuing. The most important feature of the marina is the large basin inside, which contains many ships of different sizes that are used in various activities such as fishing, hiking and trade.


The marina also provides the possibility of renting ships for a tour inside the sea and also provides the possibility of renting diving tools to practice snorkeling and explore the beautiful waters and watch the coral reefs in the ocean below the sea.



– Stanmerpark

The park is located in the west of the University of Sussex in England and in the north-east of the city of Brighton. The park was built in the eighteenth century and is one of the most important parks in Brighton and is very popular with visitors from the city’s residents and tourists.



The park includes stables for horses and large green spaces for children. It also contains many rare trees and various plants that attract visitors to see them. Inside the park, there are many wide lakes and artificial waterways. The park provides covered cars for safari trips, seeing animals and a large bat house.



Brighton Eye

Brighton eye was built in 2016 with a height of 165 m and through it the whole city can be seen and its pleasant beaches. The eye is a high metal column containing a huge cylindrical glass capsule for tourists to lie down and watch the city through as it contains comfortable seats that enable the visitor to enjoy when it slowly launches



It also allows the establishment of parties and evenings, such as birthday parties and weddings, and there are many facilities for games for young and old, and there are many restaurants and cafes to provide the best quiet English food and drinks.