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Dubai’s most famous museums

Dubai’s most famous museums

Charming Dubai is characterized by the fact that civilization meets history, and Dubai’s assets make it an important tourist destination, including ancient museums. Dubai museums are the window through which the visitor sees the past and ancient history of the emirate, and we review the most important of them:



– Dubai Museum

The history of the Dubai Museum, located in the Al Fahidi Fort, dates back to 1787, which is the oldest existing building in the city so far. The museum displays daily life in the time before the discovery of oil during the sixties of the twentieth century, when it was the residence of the ruler. This museum, which was opened in 1971, is distinguished by its holdings that take the visitor on an interesting journey through which he is acquainted with the ancient Islamic schools.

and souks in the 1950s, as well as watching traditional craftsmen go about their business. It also depicts ancient Arab houses, mosques, date farms, and wildlife and marine life. It also displays scenes of diving to extract pearls.

In addition to displaying sets of weights, scales and sieves for pearl merchants. It is also possible to see all the valuable local holdings that were found through the numerous excavations and excavations that date back to the third millennium BC.




Coffee Museum in Dubai

The Coffee Museum, located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood in Bur Dubai, is one of Dubai’s most famous museums and serves as an international embassy for caffeine lovers from all over the world. The Coffee Museum in Dubai, presents the methods of roasting and preparing this drink from its discovery for the first time in Ethiopia, with a focus on the practices and customs of the Middle East, in addition to displaying the coffee tools used in preparing the drink, which belong to 40 other countries from other eras.

Visitors can taste the coffee and purchase it with equipment from the museum. The history of these tools goes back more than 200 years, in addition to describing their source and how to choose the best quality. Visitors can watch films about coffee, roasting and brewing methods, and learn about the history of this popular drink.




Heritage and Diving Village

This “living” museum is located along the creek, and staffed by guides, potters, weavers and other craftsmen, reflecting Dubai’s maritime past and depicting the living conditions of indigenous sailors who traveled for long periods in the waters of the Gulf in search of pearls for trade. The museum displays a graphic interesting history of the pearl trade in Dubai, and there is a village of tents that give a glimpse into the life of the Bedouins, which remained as it is until the twentieth century.



Etihad Museum in Dubai

The Etihad Museum collects, preserves and displays the heritage of the United Arab Emirates in the areas of social, political, cultural, scientific and military history. The museum takes its visitors to the stage of the founding of the United Arab Emirates and is considered one of the best museums in Dubai.

The museum is located in Jumeirah and includes a set of interactive areas that allow visitors to discover the history of the United Arab Emirates. The museum sheds light on the development of the UAE, specifically during the period between 1968 and 1974, through photographs, films, and many more.

In addition, visitors can learn about the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates before the founding fathers signed the treaty that united the seven emirates. Therefore, this museum is the perfect place to discover the details of the economic development of the United Arab Emirates since its independence as the first federal state in the Arab world. The Etihad Museum is also equipped with a library, education centre, showroom and restaurant.



Al Shindagha Museum

Al Shindagha Museum, one of Dubai’s wonderful museums, takes you on an expedition to Dubai’s ancient past and authentic heritage, by displaying photos and videos showing the stages of Dubai’s development from a primitive region based on fishing and navigation, to a thriving city full of technology. You can visit the perfume section of the museum to see how authentic Emirati perfumes are made. The museum also provides a section for children to learn about old games and how to play them. Location: Near Dubai Creek, Al Shindagha District, Bur Dubai.

Dubai has many wonderful and amazing museums that make your visit to it an unforgettable visit