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Tourism in Seeb: The best tourist places you can visit in Seeb

Tourism in Seeb: The best tourist places you can visit in Seeb


Seeb is the largest wilayat of the Muscat Governorate. It is a coastal area overlooking the Gulf of Oman and is famous for fishing. It is located several kilometers to the northwest of the capital. The Wilayat of Seeb overlooks the Gulf of Oman and is located at the end of the Governorate of Muscat from the northern side. Then the Al Batinah region begins in the north (Barka), and the Dakhiliyah and Al Gharbi region begins (Bidbid) and from the south is the Wilayat of Bawshar in the Governorate of Muscat.

Seeb includes many villages and cities officially known by the state, namely: Old Seeb (which includes a large number of villages and neighbourhoods, specifically the hamlets that are located along the coast of the state and are considered to be the main villages in the state, including Al-Yousef locality, Wadi Al-Bahais locality, Al-Souq district, Al-Shareja district The locality of the castle, the locality of Sur Al Hadid, Al-Manumho, Al-Mabilah, Al-Mabilah Al-Janoubiah, Al-Mawaleh Al-Shamaliyah, Hail Al-Awamer, Hillat Al-Rahbin (Al-Hail Al-Janoub and Al-Hail Al-Northern), Khurais Al-Awamer, Khreis Al-Habous, Al-Mabela Al-Janoubiyah, Al-Maabilah Al-Shamalah, Al-Khoudh & Rusayl, Al-Khoudh Al-Qadima, Al-Khoudh Al-Jadida & Al-Sharadi.

Seeb includes many landmarks of renaissance, progress, and industrial, technical, educational, social, agricultural and commercial development that were laid down by Sultan Qaboos bin Said… may God protect him… such as: Sultan Qaboos University, University Hospital, Military Hospital, Muscat International Airport, many health centers, Al Seeb Post Office, Al Khoud Post Office, Al Khoud Post Office, Al Maabilah Post Office, and Office Al Rusayl Post and the University Post Office, and it has many commercial complexes such as City Center, Al Bahja, Al Lulu, the wholesale market, Al Ameri Center, the new stores, Al Maawali Commercial Complex, Seeb Mall, and the International Exhibition Center.



It also includes many effects, including:

Al-Khoud Tower, Al-Jifnain Towers, Al-Raseel, Al-Khurs, Al-Silil and other towers, and the Fayqa Mosque in Al-Maabilah Al-Shamaliyah, which dates back to the year 251 AH, as mentioned in Tuhfat Al-Noyan in the biography of the people of Oman by Al-Salmi. And there is a contract of what is known as the Seeb Agreement. Wadi Al-Hayya and Surin, and there are valleys such as Wadi Salem bin Abbouda (known among the people as Wadi Abbouda) in Northern Khurais, Wadi Khurais, Wadi Al-Lawamy, Wadi Al-Arash, Wadi Gameh, Wadi Al-Khoudh and other medicines. It also has the Al-Khoudh dam, which stores rainwater and the valleys that flow into it, and it has become a protection and storage dam. The next lines on the most important landmarks of the state of Seeb.

The best tourist attractions and archaeological sites in Seeb
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Al Khoudh Village

It is one of the most famous tourist areas in the Wilayat of Seeb due to the diversity of its tourist attractions. The village of Al Khoud in the Wilayat of Seeb combines the fragrance of the past and the renaissance of the present. It also embraces among its mountains the picturesque nature that encouraged the revitalization of the tourist side, and to be a station and destination for many tourists throughout the seasons of the year.
The village houses ancient ruins that still survive today, and most of these landmarks vary between towers and forts, the most famous of which is Al Khoud Castle. The village also has abundant water, in addition to the large number of streams that flow along the valley. There are also ponds and water streams surrounded by dense trees. A large falaj and a wonderful group of aflaj pass through the village, and at the end of its aflaj a dam has been built to hold rain and flood waters.



Seeb Beach

It is the most famous beach in the Wilayat, overlooking the Gulf of Oman and one of the most prominent tourist destinations in it, with its soft white sand and clear turquoise waters, which made it a destination for lovers of water sports of all kinds, in addition to the charming and enjoyable views of the picturesque palm trees of the Wilayat of Seeb, as well as urbanization and modernity in the multiplicity of And the spread of high-end services, restaurants, hotels and resorts on its banks.



Al Naseem Public Park

It is located on the main road heading to the Al Batinah region, and visitors consider it one of the most beautiful and interesting natural attractions in the Wilayat of Seeb in Oman. It has an open public library for reading enthusiasts, as well as many restaurants, cafés and children’s amusement parks.

Al Bahja Shopping Center

It is located near the international airport in the northern Mawaleh area, and it is one of the largest and oldest shopping and entertainment malls in the country. Tourist places in Seeb.




city ​​center

City Center Muscat is a commercial center located on Sultan Qaboos Road 3 km from Muscat International Airport, Seeb, Governorate of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The mall opened in October 2001. It is developed and managed by Majid Al Futtaim Real Estate.



Old Seeb

It is a group of old basic villages, and cities officially recognized by the state, and in general a number of regions belong to it, namely: Khoud Al Jadeeda, Airport Heights, Rusayl (Awakening Tower), Mabela, Al Matar, Al Seeb, Al Hail Al Shamali, and Mawaleh North, Al Khoudh Six, Sharadi, Al Hail South, Mawaleh South, Hail, Sultan Qaboos University, Old Al Khoud, Al Mouj Muscat, Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Souk Seeb, Mabelah South, Muscat Exhibition, Iron Wall, Hail Al Jano

Bayah, Muscat Hills, Al Mouj, Hail Al Shamaliah, New Airport, and Wadi Al Wami.



natural valleys

Such as: Wadi al-Hayya, Surin, Wadi Salem bin Abbouda (known among the people as Wadi Abbouda) in Northern Khurais, Wadi al-Lawamy, Wadi Khurais, Wadi Gameh, Wadi al-Khoudh, Wadi al-Arash and other valleys.



ancient ancient walls

Such as: the Jama wall, which was used to defend the town (Wadi Al-Lawamy) two hundred years ago, and the Al-Rawiya wall, which they call Yabit Al-Rawia, and it consists of six rooms and a liwan, and was built about 150 years ago.



sea ​​beaches

It extends over a total area of ​​50 km2, and these beaches are characterized by a beautiful nature, and they are served by a sea street that passes through all the villages of the Wilayat of Seeb overlooking the sea.



Daymaniyat Islands

It is a group of famous islands belonging to the state, and these islands have become a natural reserve for birds and turtles, and the time to reach them takes about an hour. It is located north of the Governorate of Muscat and east of the Wilayat of Barka and includes the marine ocean and nine main islands (Al-Kharaba, Al-Hayyut, Al-Jabal Al-Kabeer, Al-Jabal Al-Saghir , salted, lumia, kisma, el-joun, sons of el-joun). It was declared a reserve on 3/4/1996 by Royal Decree No. 23/96.

These islands are distinguished by their pristine nature and beautiful scenic landscapes that qualify them to become a nature museum. The Daymaniyat Islands are considered a wonderful protection area of ​​national and regional importance, as they have a rich natural heritage and are an important regional and international center for the breeding of countless types of migratory and endemic birds, where seabirds nest in a high density. Muscat Governorate, where there are many types of coral and coral reef fish in their bright colors. These diverse coral reefs and the surrounding seabed provide good opportunities to enjoy the treasures of the sea and its warm waters.



Various commercial complexes

Such as: City Center, Al Bahja, Lulu, Wholesale Markets, Al Ameri Center, New Stores, Seeb Mall, Al Maawali Mall, and the International Exhibition Center.



old markets

Such as: Al Seeb market, Al Khoud market, Al Maabilah market, Al Mawaleh central market for fruits and vegetables, and Al Seeb fish market.

Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe,Rustaveli Street

Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe

Rabbani Castle complex is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist places in Tbilisi and Georgia. From scrap to become a charming place different from others where you can take the most beautiful souvenir photos.



Rustaveli Street

Rustaveli Tbilisi Street is one of the most active streets of Georgia. It attracts thousands of visitors from the city’s residents and outside, as well as tourists due to its 1500 meters of exciting and attractive landmarks and places. Your tour begins in Rustaveli Tbilisi Street from Tahrir Square, which borders it and ends on Kostava Street. The street sings of the beauty that combines civilization, the ancient art of Tbilisi and the modern art of civilization, making the street a masterpiece in itself. As we wander along the Rustaveli Street Tbilisi Road, we find many wonderful landmarks and places, so you can visit the Opera Palace, which was built with Baroque art supported by modern architecture. You can attend many activities in it and you can visit the prestigious ballet building.



Tbilisi Zoo

Tbilisi Zoo is one of the best and most beautiful tourist places in Tbilisi, Georgia, and a favorite among families and children because of its suitable and enjoyable facilities for all groups and ages. The Tbilisi Zoo is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists from inside and outside the city, as it has more than 300 species of animals It was brought from the Caucasus city and outside Georgia from the rest of the world, including rare and endangered ones., While you are wandering with your family, you will enjoy more watching animals that you are not used to seeing always, especially predators of all kinds, including the mammals that you can see from them tigers, lions, leopards, bears and hippopotamuses. Which you may not see elsewhere, especially the cute little cubs.



Turtle lake in Tbilisi

Turtle Lake attracts thousands of tourists every summer and is the ideal place to spend a wonderful day, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Tbilisi because of its distinctive and enjoyable facilities. Turtle Lake in Tbilisi was famous by this name not because it contains many turtles as some think, but because its shape resembles The turtle from the top is a beautiful lake located in the heart of the hills at an altitude of more than 600 meters above sea level on the banks of the city of Tbilisi and overlooking it. And because the park around the lake has a dedicated walkway between the trees, we advise you to walk around the lake and in the middle of the hills and enjoy its mild atmosphere.3




Vardizia Monastery in Tbilisi

If you are a fan of history and everything that is said and looking for a facade and a landmark that carries traces of the history of an entire country, then you should visit Vardzia Georgia Monastery in Tbilisi. The first main city of the country and the most attractive historical landmark for tourists and visitors from inside and outside the country aspiring to experience history. The Vardizia Monastery was excavated and built at the top of Mount Orchili during the reign of Queen Tamara, who is the youngest and first woman to rule Georgia, and who was famous for her religion for this fear for her religion and culture, she built the monastery to protect The monks and some of its educated residents.



Monument to the Mother of Georgians

The Statue of the Mother of the Georgians Kartlis Deda is the memorial and the main symbol of Georgia, which overlooks the entire capital of Tbilisi, which is impossible not to notice from any point in the city because it is located on the top of the hill overlooking it. And tourist places in Tbilisi and the country and attracts hundreds of visitors daily from tourists and local residents in order to enjoy the appearance of the statue and the beautiful view provided by its location.



Narikala Castle ,Peace Bridge

Narikala Castle

The sacred mountain (Mtatsminda) hosts the fragments of the ancient Narikala fortress. It is an ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and the Kura River. The fortress consists of two sections on a steep hill between the sulfur baths and the botanical gardens. It was first known as (Shoris Tseh), which means the brutal



fortress, or as it is said the enviable fortress. The cable car ride is also part of the attraction of the place as it reveals wonderful views of the city. You can enjoy the charming panoramic views of Tbilisi on the way … Inside the castle you will find St. Nicholas Church which is worth a visit, the townspeople call it “the heart and soul of the city”, the history of the construction of the castle It is the fourth century AD, meaning that it was there from the beginning of the city, later the castle was extended and expanded several times, starting from the seventh and eighth centuries by the Umayyad Arabs, so the castle in its modern state is a vivid example of Arab fortification. Then it was expanded again by King David Albani.



Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge in Tbilisi is one of the symbols of identity for the capital of Georgia, which is also one of the most important and most beautiful tourist attractions in Tbilisi, and hundreds of tourists, visitors and locals pass through it daily. On the national and international peace that the Georgian government and its people have sung over the years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union., Tbilisi Peace Bridge is also known as the Glass Bridge, because it is made of glass and stainless steel, which makes it look fragile, but it is strong and durable, and in addition to these elements, it is a severe architectural masterpiece The beauty is unparalleled, the shape of the Tbilisi Peace Bridge is represented in a glass network bordering it from the top, while the glass walkway is located under it, so crossing it during the day is a unique pleasure, but visiting it in the evening is an incomparable experience, with the lights on it, it appears as twinkling stars reflected in the Kura River along 150 km. meter.



National Botanical Garden
The National Botanical Garden of Georgia is one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens in Georgia and the Caucasus, which is visited by thousands of tourists fleeing the hustle and bustle of the city in search of nature and relaxation. The National Botanical Garden of Georgia is one of the most famous cultural, nature and tourism attractions in Tbilisi for the fun, comfort and tranquility it provides.



The National Botanical Garden provides a lot of plants, trees and roses that visitors can discover, which decorate the garden as a natural painting rich in colors, where the types of trees in the garden dance from pine trees, bamboo, ornamental, medicinal and aromatic herbs, in addition to many colorful roses and flowers. The National Botanical Garden cuts a lot of The paved roads, which include wooden chairs on either side of them, because the walk inside this garden is long and branching, and you need to rest some time.

Alexander Chavchavdz House Museum

Alexander Chavchavdz House Museum

The owner of the house is a military leader, writer, academic, inventor and considered number 1 in the list of the greatest men in Georgian society. He is the son of Queen Catherine II of Russia. He was raised among the Russian nobility, and participated in many military




campaigns, regarding Tsinandali Park, which was built on an area 18 hectares, its founder Alexander Chavchavds was able to give it the character of distinction and individuality with a wonderful group of plants and decorated gardens, the garden is rich in the most wonderful plants coming from Europe, Asia, and America, the first restoration of the park was restored in 1887 by the most famous landscape designer at the time Arnold Rigel at the invitation of St. Saint Petersburg, and renovations are still going on to this day so that the world can witness the splendor of its natural landscape.



Old town in Tbilisi

You can have a nice time in the old town of Tbilisi and visit the old part of Tbilisi and have a real Caucasian experience. It’s not like any other old town you’ve seen in Europe and it has character.




Bakuriani is a wonderful ski resort, some go to it for skiing, others consider it a great place to celebrate birthdays and Christmas there. The resort is located in the Borjomi province of Georgia, on the northern slope at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, and it is surrounded by many forests Coniferous green, planted especially with fir trees, Bakuriani Ngo Resort is 30 km away from Borjomi, and it is located in the so-called Bakuriani Depression or Caldera. Continental, cold and snowy in winter, and warm in summer, Bakuriani is also home to the Botanical Garden of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.



sulfur baths

It is located in the old city inside Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, and one of the most famous therapeutic areas. The sulfur baths in Tbilisi, “Abanatubni Baths” are among the most frequented by many people in pursuit of their therapeutic benefits. If you are one of the people who suffer from joint pain or skin problems. All you have to do is go to that place and enjoy the treatment offered by its magical waters. You can also try beautifying yourself in Georgia by trying to dive in the sulfur bath, which is a bath similar to the Turkish bath or the Russian banya and has a great impact on improving your psychology as a new experience.

Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building

Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building is a World Heritage Site building in Melbourne, Australia, completed on October 1, 1880, in just 18 months,



To host the Melbourne International Exhibition, the building is still used today for exhibitions and special events. It is located in Nicholson-Carlton Street. The museum includes a variety of images of the society and cultures in it, and a Children’s Museum that offers a series of practical training activities aimed at motivating and engaging children. The museum contains a building for royal exhibitions.



Yarra River cruise

Taking a boat on this river is not only an ideal way to see the sights, but it is also an insight into the history of this river where many tour companies provide boats to enjoy a trip on the river. This river is considered one of the longest rivers in Melbourne, where the river passes through the city and its length is 242 kilometer,

It is also one of the best tourist places in Melbourne, the river is characterized by a pedestrian bank and includes many wonderful gardens and parks along the river, and the river is characterized by the main bridge that connects its banks.




It is the newest area in Melbourne and is characterized by the highest concentration of green buildings. It also includes the most luxurious hotels in the city of Melbourne, and the neighborhood of Docklans is an enjoyable and beautiful visit and its services are available.



Queen Victoria Market

One of the most popular places for tourists and locals, it is a good shopping center since 1878 and there are many stalls selling toys, clothes, art, souvenirs, fruits, vegetables and other goods and extends over an area of ​​17 acres. The Queen Victoria Market (also known as the Queen Vic Markets or Queen Victoria) named after Queen Victoria who ruled the British Empire from 1837-1901, a prominent landmark in the Australian city of Melbourne, as the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere, so that it was included on the Victorian Heritage List as one of the symbols of culture and heritage in Melbourne,

Transportation and transportation in Croatia

Transportation and transportation in Croatia

Ferries in Croatia
Getting around in Croatia is easy through many ways, including:

Ferries: There is a ferry service in Croatia, which is one of the most beautiful experiences that tourists can have during their journey from one Croatian city to another. In short, the ferry world in Croatia is an integrated journey in itself, with many of them restaurants and cafes as well.



Bus: It is the most popular and widespread means of transportation in Croatia. As well as the cheap prices offered by bus companies in all Croatian cities.

Flying: Croatia’s domestic airline networks fuel many domestic tourist trips in the summer. Where visitors can easily transfer via flights from Zagreb Airport to the cities of Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, Split and Zadar.



Food and drinks in Croatia

food in croatia
Croatian cuisine is another tourist attraction in the country as it blends different culinary cultures. Especially the cooking methods of the Mediterranean and in Italy. Accordingly, the menus in Croatia are filled with seafood, as well as pasta of various types. As well as cooked vegetables and added flavors of garlic and olive oil.

While some parts of the country draw their traditional recipes from Turkey or Hungarian cuisine. In any case, the most famous and most unusual Croatian dishes are octopus stewed with cream and cheese. While the country is famous for its cakes with crackers, while a lot of local juices, especially grapes and cherries, spread.

The official currency of Croatia
The Croatian Kuna is the official currency of Croatia and is symbolized by the symbol HRK.

Communication and the Internet in Croatia
During your holiday in Croatia, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease. Where there is a distinguished group of telecommunications companies available in the country, the most important of which are:



A1 hrvatska doo: This company is one of the leading international telecommunications companies operating in Croatia. It is part of telecom austria and provides the population with fast internet services.
Bonbon: This company provides its customers with communication lines and internet services as well. As well as relying on it as a means of payments and transfer of funds.
Ericsson nikola tesla dd: This company joins the international telecom market in Croatia. Where its lines operate in neighboring countries as well, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia and many countries of the former Soviet Union.
Hrvatski telecom: It is the first national Croatian telecom company, founded in 1998. It provides its subscribers with landline and internet services as well.
Distance between the most popular cities in Croatia
Zagreb is 286 km from Zadar.
From Split to Zagreb, the distance is 410 km.
Zagreb is 382 km from Trogir.
Zagreb is 268 km from Pula.
Dubrovnik is 600 km from Zagreb.
Rent a car in Croatia
Many tourists want to rent a car of their own to navigate their trips easily and comfortably. Such an idea seems excellent in Croatia, due to the large number of companies operating in renting cars, as well as the low cost of up to 35% compared to prices in the rest of European countries.




In short, if you want to rent a car during tourism in Croatia, all you have to do is search for the right option for you. And that is through the sites of car rental companies spread on the Internet, most notably HERTZ. And then get your order with the possibility of electronic payment via credit cards as well.