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Gogya Castle or Geoji Castle is located northwest of Borjomi. It was

Gogya Castle or Geoji Castle is located northwest of Borjomi. It was


Gogya Castle

Gogya Castle or Geoji Castle is located northwest of Borjomi. It was built in the fourteenth century AD, by the feudal rulers who ruled the Borjomi region in the past, and they were known as Avaliishvili, which is the name by which the castle area is still known. Geoji Castle is distinguished by its dreamy archaeological style and the rich nature surrounding it.


Peter’s Castle

The historic Peter Castle was built in the medieval period and was built on a high rocky mountain, just a few kilometers from Borjomi. During the sixteenth century AD, the castle was the administrative center of the Ottoman Caliphate, and this took place after the Ottomans took control of the historical city of Troy.

Today, the castle still retains a number of historical buildings inside it, including parts of residential buildings, in addition to its cellar used to store wine. You can visit this distinctive historical castle and enjoy the atmosphere of Likani village in which it is located.

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Tourism in Kutaisi
Getting around Kutaisi

Visitors to the city of Kutaisi can wander the streets of Kutaisi and see its various landmarks, enjoy the picturesque nature, see houses, facilities and buildings and watch the lifestyle. Visitors can also take enjoyable walking tours inside one of the places designated for this, as there are many gardens and parks created for this purpose.

One of the most recommended gardens to visit is the Kutaisi Botanical Garden, which is characterized by its quiet nature, as it is located away from the noise, and also offers visitors a quiet place to relax and rest after the hard work of getting to know the tourist places in Kutaisi.

It is worth noting that this garden contains more than 700 species of plants, and therefore this garden is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Kutaisi, Georgia.



Historic district of Kutaisi

The historical district of Kutaisi is famous for being an ancient neighborhood that includes the entire history of the city in its alleys, which made it one of the most important and most important tourist attractions in the city of Kutaisi, attracting tourists. It is old-fashioned over the entire neighborhood and at every point in it, starting from the royal area to everything around it, which makes wandering inside it like stepping back in time,

While touring the historical district of Kutaisi, do not deny yourself a visit to the Historical Museum in Kutaisi, which contains more than 200,000 ancient artifacts that know the history of the city in terms of clothing, furniture and weapons.

Tourism in Kutaisi

Tourism in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is the second largest city and the capital of the western region of Imereti. Kutaisi, located 221 km from Tbilisi in Georgia, is one of the oldest cities in the country, and enjoys a great specialty among the different Georgian cities, thanks to its ancient cultural attractions worth discovering, not to mention the caves, cathedrals and various entertainment opportunities that await you in This beautiful city.


You can reach the city of Kutaisi directly via David Builder Kutaisi International Airport, which is located about 14 km from the city center. In addition, you can reach Kutaisi from Tbilisi in an enjoyable trip that will take only 3 hours via buses, and perhaps what increases the splendor of This trip is what awaits you from a variety of scenic sights along the way, including mountains and rivers as well as beautiful plains.

In order to enjoy your tour in the city of Kutaisi, it is necessary to determine the appropriate time to go there, and before learning about the times of tourism, it is necessary to know the climate of Kutaisi first. Where the temperature at that time is suitable for enjoying and hiking in the city of Kutaisi, Georgia.

The city of Kutaisi is one of the most prominent educational and scientific centers in Georgia, as it contains many educational bodies such as the Gelati Academy of Sciences, which dates back to the twelfth century AD, by King David IV, in addition to the university state, which was built in 1930 AD, as well as The city abounds with cultural attractions. Kutaisi also has many different tourist places, which are a destination for many local visitors, and the focus of attention of many visitors from all over the world, and we will present to you the most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Kutaisi, Georgia, which cannot be missed during your visit to Kutaisi.

Bagrati . Cathedral

Bagrati Cathedral is one of the most important symbols of tourism in Kutaisi. It is an antique church that dates back to the eleventh century. It was ordered by King Bagrati III of Georgia to establish it, and the church remained a major center of worship in the city for several centuries, and despite its exposure to a number of collapses. ; As a result of the repeated attacks of the Ottoman Empire on the city, it was resilient in front of all of that. The Bagrati Cathedral was restored again by the government, and then reopened its doors to receive visitors in 2012, to be an important landmark of Kutaisi since then, where visitors are keen It is worth mentioning that the Bajrati Cathedral was included by UNESCO in its list of heritage monuments in 2001, due to its importance as an archaeological landmark dating back to tens of centuries.



Restaurant “Bungalow Zedazini”

Bungalow Zedazini Restaurant is one of the most famous Georgian restaurants, which is famous for serving authentic Georgian food. This restaurant is characterized by elegance and high quality in serving Georgian cuisine. Do not miss this delicious experience during your visit to Kutaisi.