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Mount Congreve House in Ireland

Mount Congreve House in Ireland

Mount Congreve House in Ireland


Mount Congreve House
Mount Congreve House in Ireland

Mount Congreve House is very popular in Waterford Ireland. And that’s where it stands out for its vast gardens, flourishing on 70 acres of richly planted woodland. In addition to the property’s crown jewel, the four-acre walled garden.

Relax in the vast expanses among huge forests, as well as several flowerbeds, a wonderful rocky waterfall, and walk the many paths. In addition to seeing more than 3000 shrubs and trees scattered all over the place.



Dunmore east harbor
denmore harbor east ireland

The port is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Waterford, Ireland. It provides tourists with enjoyable activities. Also located just a short distance from the heart of Waterford, the idyllic fishing village of Dunmore East is one of the county’s hidden gems.

It is a popular place for tourists and local hikers, especially during the summer months. A highlight of a visit is to take a stroll around the attractive harbor and the adjacent beach area, as well as sailing, golf and tennis, walking and water sports.

Open Pet Farm and Mini Zoo
Open farm and mini zoo in Ireland

That park is distinguished from other facilities nationwide, by the combination of a large indoor play center, and an open farm with a special focus on rare breeds of animals.


You can see more than 60 different types of animals, and roam among the various pets. It also offers a gourmet dining experience for the whole family, and there is an indoor karting area for kids for added fun.

Pirates Adventure
ireland pirate adventure



It is a great indoor activity center for kids, offering a variety of fun activities, all built around the pirate theme, that is fun for kids and the whole family.

Kids and parents alike can take part in the pirate adventure by going on the 12-hole indoor mini golf. As well as mini bowling, and motorbikes for kids. You can also test your skills as you overcome pirates, waterfalls, sea snakes and shooting cannons.