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Tourism in Stuttgart

Tourism in Stuttgart, the city of Stuttgart in southwestern Germany in an area spread by the hills, is one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Germany and the most advanced in the standard of life, as it holds the highest position in the general criterion for prosperity

The city of Stuttgart is famous for its high-tech industries and is considered the cradle of the automotive industry, so it contains many museums for the largest car companies in the world such as the Mercedes Museum, there are many tourist places in Stuttgart that attract tourists

The most famous tourist attractions in Stuttgart
In this article, we will talk about the tourist places in Stuttgart and their most important attractions

The New Palace in Stuttgart
The New Palace is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Stuttgart, as it is distinguished by the beauty of its architecture, which was built in the Baroque style.

Art Museum in Stuttgart
The museum of art stuttgart is one of the most famous tourist places in Stuttgart. It was built in 2005 and is distinguished by its wonderful design. The museum occupies a large area and takes a cube shape in which many artifacts, antiques and many works of art are displayed.

Lake Max Ith C.
The Max Eyth See Stuttgart Lake is one of the most important tourist places in Stuttgart, and it is an artificial lake located on the Neckar River. The lake has a charming beauty and is characterized by its attraction to unique types of birds such as pelicans, herons, diver and others

Mercedes-Benz Museum
This mercedes benz museum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Stuttgart, which attracts tourists, especially car enthusiasts. About 160 old and modern cars are displayed in this museum.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden
Wilhelma zoo and botanical park This park is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Stuttgart, opened in 1839 and includes more than 1000 species of animals, so it is considered one of the largest zoos in the city of Stuttgart and Germany

Porsche Museum
A museum specializing in cars, similar to the Mercedes museum, occupies a large area and displays old and rare and modern models of cars and various displays highlighting the most important engineering components in the automotive industry in Stuttgart

The museum is one of the tourist attractions in Stuttgart, and the museum attracts a number of tourists, including car enthusiasts, especially the global Porsche brand.